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A Time to Reap, published on Kindle October 2017

It’s April 1963 in the Scottish Highlands. Elizabeth Duncan, widowed with two small daughters, is the farm manager on the Rosland estate, the job previously held by her husband, Matthew. Following a hard, snowy winter, her working life is made more difficult by the unpleasant estate factor. Elizabeth enjoys support in the small community from family and friends, including her cousin Peggy and local vet Andy Kerr. The arrival of an American visitor at Rosland House unsettles her in a way she hadn’t expected but, after Matthew’s mysterious death, a new relationship has been the last thing on her mind. However, as she dances at the annual estate ball in September, that may be about to change …
First published as a serial in The People’s Friend.

Stella's Christmas Wish published by Black & White Publishing in November 2106.


One phone call can change everything...
Six days before Christmas, Stella could never have anticipated the impact on her life when the phone rings in her London office.
The phone call is from a friend of the family informing Stella that her grandmother has been hurt in a fall at her home in the Scottish borders and is in hospital. Torn between her responsibilities at work and the need to be with her grandmother she decides she must return to Scotland immediately.
However, on her return to where she grew up, it becomes apparent that her grandmother’s health is not her only concern. Relationships which have lain dormant – especially with ex-boyfriend Ross – are re-kindled and fresh opportunities present themselves – if she will only dare to take them ...

'Thankfully, Kate Blackadder keeps Stella’s Christmas Wish on the right side of syrup. This is a lovely, heart-warming festive read. Blackadder writes confidently and with a great sense of pace.' (bookloversbooklist)

‘ … if you are looking for a Christmas story then I recommend this one.’ (bookaholicswede)

‘ … a delightful, warm-hearted Christmas read which I thoroughly enjoyed.’ (portobellobookblog)

' ... populated with engaging, credible and interesting characters, and a couple of good twists along the way made for an enjoyable read.' (Amazon customer review)

Cathryn is delighted to join an archaeological dig at Farrshore, in the Scottish Highlands. Apart from her professional interest in the Vikings, it means she’ll be at a distance from her recently ex-boyfriend, Daniel. Canadian Magnus Macaskill, is in Farrshore for his own reasons, one of which is to trace his ancestry. 
As they spend the summer lodging with Dolly MacLeod and her husband JD, Cathryn and Magnus are drawn into the extended family and to each other. But how will Cathryn react when Daniel reappears?
First published as a serial in The People’s Friend.

I was quickly drawn in and definitely wanted to know how it was all going to play out.
(Amazon reviewer)

When Judy and Tom Jeffreys are asked by their daughter Holly and her Scottish chef husband Corin if they will join them in buying The Ferryboat hotel in the West Highlands, they take the plunge and move north.
The rundown hotel needs much expensive upgrading – and what with local opposition to some of their plans, and worrying about their younger daughter, left down south with her flighty grandma, Judy begins to wonder if they’ve made a terrible mistake.
First published as a serial in The People’s Friend.

I enjoyed the cast of characters all at different stages in life, all facing their own dilemmas. 
(Amazon reviewer)


Three's a Crowd and other family stories

Twelve stories  previously published in The People’s Friend, Woman’s Weekly, and Woman’s Day.

Class of ’64 – Seventeen-year-old Emily is not looking forward to accompanying her grandparents to their school reunion but they have some surprises in store that change her mind.

Hide-and-Seek for Astronauts – when Julie is unable to give Ben the lavish seventh birthday party she’d planned, her sister Karen reminds her of the simple pleasures of their own childhood.

In my Dreams – a phone call startles the narrator out of a vivid dream that involved her much-missed mother, a pink fridge, a golden retriever pup, and Brad Pitt.

Celia’s Surprise – Celia has always gone her own way and been a worry to Simon but today it seems that she is anxious for his approval.

‘Are We Nearly There?’ – Abby and her mum are driving up through Scotland to get to the island that will be their new home, but Abby refuses to even look at the map her daddy has drawn for her.

The Generation Gap – At fourteen, Gabriella argues with her mother over most things but a revelation about her great-great-grandmother helps her decide her future.

The Night the Band Played – The Ceilidh Band is to play at the first post-war party in the village hall. Ten-year-old Alex schemes to get a chance to play on the piano accordion.

The New Eighteen – Ted is worried about his daughter Jess as she discusses her plans to go travelling on her own; her solution causes him even more disquiet.

New Tricks, Old Tricks – Meg may not be up to speed with the latest gadgets but she has a few old-fashioned skills that granddaughter Rosie and her friend are keen to learn.

Bicycles for Two – unexpectedly spending Christmas Eve with their great-aunts, Isabel and Joan have no expectation that the longed-for scarlet racing bikes will await them on Christmas morning.

Seeing Natalie – it should be Marty’s weekend to have their daughter but once again his ex-wife has come up with an excuse. However, this time Marty is optimistic that things are going to get better.

Three’s a Crowd – it’s 1951 and Mum has promised Toots a treat if she tags along with big sister Jane and her boyfriend Bob wherever they go.

I have a story called Molly's Christmas Candle in this anthology.

I have a story called Sam Something in this anthology.

 Another World is in this anthology of Scotsman/Orange Short Story Award stories. 

In the event of fire
I have a story called Hattie in this New Writing Scotland anthology:

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