Sunday, 2 August 2015

Rainy night in Georgia/Glasgow

There is something thrilling about song titles with American place names. This is my Stateside road trip, embarked on without leaving my chair:

24 hours from Tulsa
By the time I get to Phoenix
California girls
Chatanooga choo choo
Do you know the way to San Jose?
Georgia on my mind
Hotel California
(Is this the way to) Amarillo
It never rains in Southern California
Let’s go to San Francisco (Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair)
Midnight train to Georgia
New York, New York
Rainy night in Georgia
What made Milwaukee famous
Witchita Linesman

Songs with Inverness (where I was born) and Edinburgh (where I live now) in the title, or even songs about those fair cities, are rare and not well-known – perhaps because the names are difficult to find rhymes for, unlike eg Aberdeen or Dundee.

There are plenty of songs about Scottish places though – from this website you can click through to the lyrics:

Or we could have an American/Scottish mash-up:

Is this the way to Edinburgh
What made Bruichladdich famous
New Deer, New Deer
Hotel California [the one near Grangemouth]
California girls [ditto]
Gairloch on my mind
Wishaw linesman
Let’s go to Fort William (be sure to pack your rainmate and your wellies)
Rainy night in – well, anywhere in Scotland this summer
It never rains in – hmm, no, that’s not going to work

What would your mash-up song title be?

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