Thursday, 22 December 2016

Let it snow ... and read Stella's Christmas Wish

Thankfully, Kate Blackadder keeps Stella’s Christmas Wish on the right side of syrup. This is a lovely, heart-warming festive read. Blackadder writes confidently and with a great sense of pace.

I fell in love with the characters and actually wished they were real … I loved reading about them and the way their lives intertwined … I really, really, want there to be a sequel …

Later on as we discover the truth I thought the reasons for Maddie's absence were heartfelt and brought a lovely tone and atmosphere to the story.

Stella quickly became a very sympathetic character for me.

The beauty of Scotland comes alive in this story, and the characters are so engaging and really make you care about them.

 ... I enjoyed reading this book and if you are looking for a Christmas read I recommend this one.
a delightful, warm-hearted Christmas read which I thoroughly enjoyed.

And see reviews on Amazon/Goodreads including:
‘This is a lovely story told against the backdrop of a beautiful part of the world. I love the author's descriptions of the Border country and Edinburgh in the run-up to Christmas.’
‘Loved all the tiny details that brought places and characters to life.’
‘From the very beginning of this novel I was really intrigued by Stella and her family.’
Stella’s Christmas Wish by Kate Blackadder is a really entertaining read, and I highly recommend it!’
‘ … populated with engaging, credible and interesting characters, and a couple of good twists along the way.’
‘Kate Blackadder has created characters which are a delight to spend time with. Warm a glass of mulled wine, forget the Christmas to-do list... and enjoy!’

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Stella's Christmas Wish is published by Black & White Publishing at 99p.


  1. What a fantastic selection of reviews, Kate. Many congratulations and looking forward to reading the next one! xx