Tuesday, 12 June 2018

An island story

I have just come back from a holiday with friends on the Isle of Arran – ‘Scotland in miniature’ as it is deservedly known because of the variety of scenery contained within a circumference of fifty-five miles.

Last week there was no rain, only the gentlest of breezes, and glorious sunshine from morning to night, on this island off the west coast of Scotland (yes, really … ).

Having lived there as a teenager I know that the weather is not like that all the time … but it is beautiful come wind or rain. My three friends, two of whom had never been before, and I briefly entertained fantasies of abandoning our families, moving there and opening a tea-room.

 However, back in the real world … memories of working in an Arran hotel one summer holiday many years ago inspired a story in this collection:


It’s called Summertime Blues. Can you guess what the era is from the first paragraph?

It’s Saturday night and I’m getting ready for the dance. Purple flares, white cheesecloth smock, strappy sandals, hoop earrings. Plum eye shadow, two coats of mascara, a spray of Aquamanda, and I’m ready.

Read on …

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